Our offering comprises of four main components, which are outlined below. As most projects require both planning and building regulations consent, we often combine these into a package price. However, our quotes are itemised so that you can opt for a singular service.

Our simple four-step process is outlined below:

1. Design Stage

The first step of the design stage is to carry out a measured survey of your property. We use industry-leading equipment to ensure greater accuracy.

Either before, or during this visit to your home, we will take the time to discuss your project aspirations and agree the project brief with you.

We then prepare the first draft of the design – we then arrange a virtual design meeting with you.

At the design meeting, we show you the project drawings and we take the time to discuss the options available which can be incorporated into the design.

If you have any amendments you would like to make to the design, these are then made and a final version is then issued to you.

This service includes:

  • Site Survey
  • Documenting the Project Brief
  • First Draft Design Meeting
  • First Draft Amendments
  • Final Design Drawings

The first draft drawings will be completed in 7 – 15 working days, following the site visit, depending on the complexity of the project.

2. Planning Approval Submission

We work with you to strategise the most effective routes for success for your project.

We then work with the council process and requirements. The submission will include the design drawings along with the relevant application.

For listed buildings, conservation areas and complex planning applications, we will also produce a design and access statement to accompany your submission.

Some applications will require third party specialist reports (such as tree surveys) and we have a trusted network of consultants that we can recommend.

This stage typically takes 8-10 weeks from validation of the submission.

Types of application:

  • Lawful Deveopment Certificates (LDC)
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Householder full planning application
  • Full planning application
  • Change of use
  • Retrospective Planning Applications
  • Prior Notification

3. Building Regulations Drawings

Once approval has been granted, we then begin working on the full specification and technical details.

These drawings detail the relevant building regulations so that the building inspector can approve the build.

These drawings are often used to obtain builders quotes.

It is at this stage that we will know the requirement for structural calculations.

Building regulations drawings are completed within 5-15 working days depending on the complexity of the project.

This service includes:

  • Full building specification
  • Construction Details
  • Building Regulation Compliance
  • Liaison with your chosen building inspector

4. Structural Calculations

Finally, structural calculations are typically required for loft conversions and when removing load-bearing walls.

The benefit of using us to complete this service is that we can offer a very competitive price. The drawings and report will also be coordinated for ease of reference for your builder.

Structural calculations take between 3 – 15 working days depending on the complexity of the project.

This service includes:

  • A full structural report with calculations
  • Beam connection details/ drawings (if nessacary)
  • Altered building regultions drawings to include beam specifications