Amber Harper

Director of Plan & Design Consultancy Limited

Hello, my name is Amber, you may have guessed that I have a passion for great homes. It is safe to say that good design is what I get out of bed for. I have seen the profound effects that the home environment can have on day-to-day life and this is why I find my job so fulfilling.

For me, the home should be a place to create beautiful memories with friends and family, a place to recharge and a place that supports your life ambitions. I am a firm believer that good design improves your quality of life.

I would be thrilled to learn about you and your lifestyle so that we can create the home that best supports your requirements.

Amber’s Story

After studying Architecture and Planning and I moved to London to pursue a career in interior design. I had the opportunity to work with a prestigious interior design firm. This experience, in the high-end exclusive world, developed my design process and catalogue of ideas.

Only after friends and family asked for my input on their home, did I stop to think that, good design should be available to everyone at an affordable price.

“good design should be available to everyone at an affordable price.”

Plan & Design was born out of the notion that, no matter what the budget, careful consideration of the design is vital for a successful home that endures the test of time.

Since beginning Plan & Design in 2017 we have gone on to complete over 220 projects in London & the home counties.

Our projects often range in size – from the garden studio to doubling the footprint of a 4-bedroom detached house.

We have the pleasure of helping families out-growing their homes, first-time buyers, value-adders, home-workers, multi-generational families, property renovators…

Plan & Design’s Values

Attention to Detail

 The details are not the details; they make the design

Detailed planning research – Why we get approvals for projects others cannot.
The right specification details are key – For aesthetics, ease of build & ultimately, a lower build cost.
Industry-leading equipment – ensures high accuracy for your drawings.

Value for Money

Transparent & Efficient

Advice and planning – to design a project tailored to suit your budget.
Fixed-fees – transparent from the outset.
Combined services – Planning, Building Regulations & Structural Calculations all completed by us, allowing us to offer you the best price.


Commited to you

Committed to presenting your project in its best light to the local authority. We will negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best outcome.
We will work with your chosen building inspector to guarantee compliant drawings.
We see the design process as a shared journey and invite our clients to consider the options available, with us to guide them.

Our Process

From formulating the brief to designing and the submission to the council. You can read all about the process including the services we offer on our Services Page.