Could staying put be your best ever move?

We have listed 5 ways an architectural design consultant can make your home more valuable, keep reading…

Adding floor space to your home adds value. We all know this, but did you know that a medium-sized extension of 25 square metres currently adds an average of £59,000 to a property price, according to the Office for National Statistics. Remodelling would ensure the home works for the whole family whilst becoming a sound investment.

1. Single-storey Extension 
This can be done under permitted development in some cases. This means less council involvement at the beginning in order to get approval. If you are in a conservation area, listed building or permitted development rights have been removed you will need full planning, but don’t despair as a single-storey rear and side extensions have a good chance of success.

2. Double-storey side extension
These require full planning permission but are effective ways to add bedrooms as well as living space. Combining this with a loft conversion is an efficient way to create a substantially bigger house than you started with. For example, a 3 double bedroom & 1 single box room 1930’s house can be converted into up to a 5 double bedroom home with 2 en-suites with extra sitting room and playroom/ study on the ground floor.

3. Convert the loft 
You can also add floor space to your home by using the existing footprint of your house by using the loft space. Your consultant will ascertain if you have enough headroom to convert. If there is not enough headroom a loft can still be achievable by lowering the ceilings or having a stepped landing. Did you know that a staircase can take up 2.5m in a straight line? This is where your architectural consultant will be able to work out the space required for the loft access.

Loft conversions are often within permitted development rights however a certificate of lawfulness will be required for conveyancing needs when you decide to sell the property later.

4. Convert the garage 
like a loft conversion, you can add new rooms to your existing property, and can often be done under permitted development. Depending on the size of the garage, you may be able to add a bedroom and en-suite here.

5. Add a conservatory or orangery 
If a full extension feels out of your price range, a conservatory can be a smart and cost-effective alternative. Ensure doubled glazing with good blinds to counter the effects of the cold in the winter and heat in the summer. This additional can provide extra play areas or entertaining areas.

Choosing on the route to take depends on both budget and the available space to the property. It is worth noting that an improvement that may add value in one location may not necessarily add value elsewhere. For instance, extra bathrooms and large kitchens are usually good investments in larger family homes.

For more inspiration see our example projects page here.

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